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T-2 Win

_Verb, Apr 22, 10 11:23 PM.
Yet another... Looking for more members for T-3 runs and also Odins

T-1 Win

_Verb, Apr 19, 10 11:12 PM.
Easy mode.

T-2 Win

_Verb, Apr 12, 10 10:37 PM.
Smooth run. On April 8th.

T-3 Timeout

_Verb, Apr 7, 10 9:32 AM.
Second run was a great job we ended up timing out due to lack of people. You definately need more than 16 players for T-3.

T-1 Win

_Verb, Apr 2, 10 11:53 AM.
First run was successful good job everyone. 2 Feathers away from an Odin.


TWSS Einherjar

_Verb, Mar 30, 10 10:03 PM.
Welcome to our new home. Please apply on the forums if you meet all the requirements for TWSS Einherjar. Make sure you can make the times and be on time if you can not make times please don't bother. Thank you.
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